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Mission Statement

The Medfield Public School System will create a dynamic and collegial learning environment. Curriculum and instruction will guide students to achieve high standards and to meet the challenge of change. Through school, family, and community partnerships, students will be prepared to become responsible, sensitive, contributing citizens and lifelong learners.

The Medfield Public Schools now offers MySchoolBucks, a convenient and secure online payment and parent information portal!  With MySchoolBucks you can deposit money into one or more student accounts, track purchase history, create low-balance reminders and even set-up an automatically recurring payment.

Please visit the MySchoolBucks website to get started.



Some FAQs:

What is the web address for MySchoolBucks?


What payment methods does MySchoolBucks accept?

With MySchoolBucks you can make a payment using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit card or debit card. You may also make payment using an e-check payment directly from your bank account.

Is MySchoolBucks secure?

Yes. The MySchoolBucks website is owned and operated by Heartland Payment Systems, which is one of the largest and most trusted payment processors in the country. The system is fully compliant with all security regulations and card industry requirements. MySchoolBucks has achieved and maintains the highest security certifications in the industry, and all transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption and other security measures.

Who do I contact for Technical Support?

Please direct all support-related issues to the MySchoolBucks Customer Support department at (855) 832-5226, or Medfield Food Services at (508) 242-8897.


Latest News

The Medfield School Committee is pleased to announce "office hours". We will start hosting these monthly [ ... ]

The School Committee has approved the school Calendar for the 2018-2019 school year:


Please click to read the revised Strategic Plan, Medfield 2021.

The Medfield School Committee has designated Dr. Jeffrey J. Marsden, Superintendent of Schools, as the [ ... ]

District Offices

Medfield Public Schools
459 Main Street, Third Floor
Medfield, MA 02052

Office of the Superintendent:
(508) 359-2302
(508) 359-2303
Fax: (508) 359-9829

Finance & Operations:
(508) 359-4798

Curriculum & Assessment:
(508) 359-1422

Student Services:
(508) 359-7135


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