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School and community notices are posted on this page from the date of submission until the date the event or activity has passed.  New items are added every Thursday.  The school office maintains a file of all notices posted throughout the year.

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NEW This Week!

Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
04-17-2014 Mother's Day Plant Sale 05-10-2014 plant_sale_school_packet_flyer.pdf
04-17-2014 MCPE-Spring Fling Auction Catalog 05-02-2014 MCPE_Spring_Fling_Catalog.pdf
04-17-2014 Medfield Sports Equipment Swap 05-10-2014 Sports_Equipment_Swap_2014.pdf
04-17-2014 Food Cupboard- Post Office Food Drive 05-10-2014 Food_Cupboard.pdf
04-17-2014 Summer Reading Book Sale 05-30-2014 Summer_book_sale.pdf
04-10-2014 Tick Advisory 07-04-2014 tick_advisory_letter.pdf
04-10-2014 Lowell Mason Kids' Spring Concert 04-26-2014 concert.pdf
04-10-2014 Medfield Park & Rec - April Vacation Adventures 04-27-2014 aprilvacation.pdf
04-10-2014 Putting for Patients letter to the community 04-12-2014 Putting_for_Patients.pdf
04-10-2014 Woodland Theatre Fiddler on the Roof 05-11-2014 Fiddler.pdf

Blake Middle School

Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
01-23-2014 Subway Schedule-Support Blake Middle School 06-17-2014 subway.pdf
01-23-2014 Royal Pizza Schedule- Support Blake Middle School 06-10-2014 royalpizza.pdf
06-13-2013 A+ Bonus Bucks School Fundraising 06-20-2014 A_schoolawards.pdf
02-07-2013 Box Tops Fundraising boxtopsmain.pdf
02-07-2013 Box Top Vendor List page 1 boxtops4.pdf
02-07-2013 Box Top Vendor List page 2 boxtops21.pdf


Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
03-13-2014 DISTRICT CALENDAR 2014-2015 district_calendar_2014-15.pdf
10-28-2013 Media Notice from the Superintendent media_notice.pdf
06-28-2013 DISTRICT CALENDAR 2013-2014 district_calendar_13-14.pdf


Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
03-20-2014 CSA - FLower Power - Fundraiser for Blake Middle School csaflowerpower.pdf
09-19-2013 Important new Scrip Information 06-27-2014 scrip.pdf


Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
03-27-2014 MCPE - Sold Out Spring Fling - Still ways to support 04-25-2014 Sold_out_Spring_Fling.pdf
03-20-2014 MCPE - Challenge Grant MCPEchallengegrant.pdf
02-27-2014 MCPE Spring Fling Tickets on Sale Now 05-02-2014 springfling1.pdf
02-06-2014 MCPE Spring Fling Ticket Sale 05-02-2014 mcpespringfling1.pdf
01-09-2014 MCPE- Spring Fling 05-02-2014 mcpespringfling.pdf
11-07-2013 MCPE Spring Fling Volunteers Needed 05-02-2014 springfling.pdf
10-31-2013 MCPE Spring Fling - Save the Date 05-02-2014 mcpesavethedate.pdf

Community Notices

Posted Date Event Description Event Date PDF File
04-03-2014 Medfield Green - Earth Day Event 04-26-2014 CharlesRiverCleanUpschools.pdf
04-03-2014 Boy Scout Troop 10 Open Enrollment 04-25-2014 boyscout.pdf
04-03-2014 Medfield Public Library Survey 04-25-2014 librarysurvey.pdf
04-03-2014 Hale Reservation April Camp 04-21-2014 haleapril.pdf
03-13-2014 Medfield Parks & Recreation Archery 05-03-2014 mpr_archery_spring2014.pdf
03-13-2014 Medfield Parks & Recreation Summer Camps 2014 06-30-2014 mpr_2014_summer_guide.pdf
03-13-2014 Cake Walk: A Family Friendly Fun Walk Fundraiser 05-18-2014 cake_walk_bdaywishes.pdf
03-13-2014 Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary Spring & Summer Programs 06-23-2014 stonybrook_pgms_spring_flyer_14.pdf
03-13-2014 SWOPBOARD swopboard.pdf
03-06-2014 Girl*Power*Soccer Clinic 07-14-2014 girlpower.pdf
02-27-2014 Medfield Park & Recreation Programs 05-30-2014 park_and_rec.pdf
02-27-2014 League of Women Voters -Important Dates 04-28-2014 lwv.pdf
12-12-2013 Lowell Mason House - ways to help at no cost to you 06-20-2014 lowellmason1.pdf