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Blake Middle School is located at 24 Pound Street, Medfield, MA 02052.
Main Office Phone: (508) 359-2396
Fax:  (508) 359-0134
Student Absence Phone: (508) 242-8501

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Administration & Administrative Support Staff

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Kelly Campbell Dean of Students (508) 359-2396
Liz McHugh Secretary (508) 359-2396
Andrea O'Shaughnessy Secretary (508) 359-2396
Sharon Skerry Secretary (508) 359-2396
Nathaniel Vaughn Principal (508) 359-2396 (508) 359-0134

Grade 6

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Susan Boulos Spanish Teacher
Eileen Buckham French & Spanish Teacher
Kathleen Caprio English Teacher
Kelly Dengos Science Teacher
Katherine Dimitriou Spanish Teacher
Constance Doolan Math Teacher
Michael Gow Social Studies Teacher
Marjorie Heim Science Teacher
Eileen Hurley English Teacher
Maryann Jalkut Social Studies Teacher
Kristen Levangie Spanish Teacher
Elaine Liu Mandarin Teacher
Matthew Millard Math Teacher
Gina Muscatell Science Teacher
Sarah Pratt English Teacher
Ann Marie Sabra English Teacher
Keri Sperling Math Teacher

Grade 7

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Maura Batts Spanish Teacher
Susan Boulos Spanish Teacher
Sean Bowles Science Teacher
Sara Callahan English Teacher
Veronique Cole French Teacher
Katherine Dimitriou Spanish Teacher
Kara Farrell Math Teacher
Alex Gantos Science & Soc Stud Teacher
Brian Gavaghan English Teacher
Marissa Gumas Math Teacher
Gregory Keohan Social Studies Teacher
Elise Malone English Teacher
Deborah Manning Social Studies Teacher
Nancy McLaughlin Math Teacher
Kristen Musto Science Teacher
Judy Silva Science Teacher
Geraldine Tasker Social Studies Teacher
Erin Winter English Teacher

Grade 8

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Maura Batts Spanish Teacher
Jillian Chiasson Science Teacher
Cynthia Dalpe French & Spanish Teacher
Ian Gagne English Teacher
Michael Gibbs Science Teacher
Heather Gonzalez Spanish Teacher
Jason Heim Science Teacher
Seth Hellerstein English
Erin Kearney Math Teacher
Ann Kirby Math Teacher
Kristin Manning Spanish Teacher
Cynthia McClelland Social Studies Teacher
Brenda Perachi Math Teacher
John Sullivan Social Studies Teacher
Travis Taliaferro Social Studies Teacher
Bingli Zhang Mandarin Teacher


First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Susan Bycoff Math Content Specialist
Jeff Cincotta Phys Ed Teacher
Jim Cousens Art Teacher
Christina Delaney Art Teacher
Nancy Deveno Art Teacher
Ryan Dexter Band Director
Ellen Gelinas Wellness
Brenna Hayden Orchestra Director
Joe Knaus Art Teacher
Kathleen McCullough Phys Ed Teacher
Mark Nickerson Phys Ed Teacher
Margo Nothnagel Chorus Director
Sandy Spierdowis Phys Ed Teacher
Nick Stevens Wellness

Library Media Center

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Katie Adams Library Assistant
Jon Haycock Library Media Specialist
Ellen Russell Technology Aide
Michelle Stephenson Library Assistant
Wendy Sullivan Technology Aide

Pupil Services

First Name Last Name Position Phone Fax
Tracy Allen Guidance Counselor
Kayla Armstrong Special Education Aide
Deborah Avery Guidance Secretary
Judy Basiliere Occupational Therapist
Melissa Bassett-Markou Special Education Aide
Chantel Bonner English Lang Learners
Maryellen Bosh School Psychologist
Laura Bradley Reading Specialist
Kymberli Brenton Special Education Aide
Kanee Chlebda Special Education Aide
Barbara Cohen Special Educator
Melissa Devine Behavioral Therapist
Jen Dondero Guidance Counselor
Brandee Franciosi Access Program
Lesley Frankel Learning Center
Patty Graham Special Education Aide
Samantha Hagan Special Education Aide
Michael Heafitz Special Educator
Cori Jacomme Special Ed Coordinator
Cynthia Karg Learning Center
Kristen Kirby Special Educator
Kerrie Krah Speech Therapist
Matthew Marenghi Guidance Counselor
Diana Mileszko Special Education Aide
Connie Muir Learning Specialist
Susan Sullivan Learning Center
Tricia Williams School Nurse