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'iPad Information for Incoming 6th Grade Families

Dear Parents/Guardians of Incoming Sixth Grade Students,

I am writing with an update regarding the process for registration and enrollment in the district's MDM (Mobile Device Management) system. We recommend that all families choose to register iPads through the district’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) system. We need the devices to be enrolled in​ this​ management system for the sole purpose of deployment of apps​ and controlling access to the device in the event that it is​ lost. ​Th​e system​ does not monitor, inhibit, or control Internet access in any way. ​ All devices that are leased or borrowed through the schools have will have this management system installed and be 'locked down' (all apps will be distributed through the MDM and students will not have the ability to download apps, music, etc.). ​

As mentioned above, if the device is registered through the MDM, students will not need an Apple ID, and all necessary apps will get ‘pushed’ to the devices - students will not need to download anything, redeem any codes, or remember any passwords. However, a personal Apple ID can still be used on a registered device. Devices in the MDM can be 'locked down' and made ‘school-only’ if you choose to do so (i.e. no games, no FaceTime, no texting) - only the apps that the school pushes out will be on the device (even if the device previously had games on it).

If you do not opt to register your device in the MDM, then your student will need an Apple ID created by you, the parent/guardian. All the apps that are downloaded will be tied into the students’ iTunes account/Apple ID. iTunes accounts should be non-credit card accounts. We recommend setting up a separate (non-credit card) Apple ID for your child.

For this option (not recommended by the Medfield Public Schools), please see the link below to 'Apple Support' for creation of Apple ID with a non-payment option...
Create or Use Your Apple ID Without a Payment Method - Apple Support

I am also sharing the link from Apple detailing steps for establishing a secure password for Apple ID: Apple ID Password Security

​We are asking all parents/guardians to complete this Google Form, granting permission for the district to enroll the student's iPad in the school's Mobile Device Management system...
* There is also a space on this form for families to opt into the 'lock down' option for the devices
Blake Mobile Device Management Parent-Guardian Sign-Off for 2017-2018 School Year

Once we have collected all of this information we will be following up regarding the timeline and steps needed to facilitate the MDM enrollment process - stay tuned!

If you​r child is using a family device and would​ like to ‘opt out’ and create an Apple ID on your own as a family, please e-mail Eoin O’Corcora (eocorcora@email.medfield.net), our Director of Technology ​. We strongly encourage families who exercise this option (non-enrollment in the district's MDM) to keep a secure record of the Apple ID, password, and registration information (security questions/etc.). The school will not have a record of personal Apple ID information.

As always, let us know of any questions or concerns.
​Take care.

Nat Vaughn